Essay about Marketing Analysis of Fantasticc Golf Company

Essay about Marketing Analysis of Fantasticc Golf Company

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Marketing Analysis of Fantasticc Golf Company

Table of Content
Section                                                  page
Executive Summary                                             3
Introduction                                                  4
Mission statement                                             6
Consumers’ analysis                                             6
Target market                                             7
Consumers’ characteristics                                   8
Market demography                                        8
Target market by cities                                   9
External Analysis of Sweden/Infrastructure                         9
     Business-Related Infrastructure                              10
     Consumer-Oriented Infrastructure                              10
     Economy’s analysis                                        10
     Technical and Transportation Infrastructure                          11
Political and Legal                                        12
Natural Resource Market Performance                         12
Cultural                                             13
Social Environment                                        13
Competitive Analysis                                        13
Marketing Strategy                                             15
     Marketing Mix                                        15-19
     Price (see financial attachment)

Executive summary
In 1984, Fantastic Golf Company was created in Tampa, Florida in order to manufacture and distribute high-quality, affordable golf clubs and equipment. Fantastic uses the same successful business model as high-end golf balls companies like Callaway, Titleist and Taylor Made. Design and assembly of fantastic clubs occurs at the Tampa facility. Like its high-end competitors, the company uses the latest golf club technology to create products with ultimate playability. But, fantastic provides its retailers with a mid-range price point and the best sales margins in the golf industry. The end result is a comparably high-quality, high-performance golf ball with a more attractive price tag. In January 2004, Fantastic Golf Company expanded its market to Sweden. By using the same business model like our home market, we were able to conquer a multi-bil...

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Perhaps the most versatile of the marketing Ps is promotion. It covers all phases of communication between the seller and the potential customer. It is versatile because a change in budget, media or target audience can be made quickly. Promotions also can be effectively changed for specific market segment efforts. Major promotional concerns include the following:
•     Budget
•      Timing
Distribution of promotional efforts
1.     Advertising
2.     Promotion
3.     Publicity
Promotion strategy
1.     Benefit approach
•     Product point
•     Benefit
2.     Media
•     Newspaper
•     Shoppers
•     Television
•     Radio
•     Billboards
•     Direct Mail
•     Magazines


Johansson, Johny K., Global Marketing: Foreign Entry, Local Marketing, & Global Management, Third Edition, Georgetown University, 2003

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