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"Managing Change"

     Massive change is impacting on all facets of society, creating new dimensions and great uncertainty. Instant communication, super small high-tech equipments, the globalization movement, the deadly terrorist attacks in the U.S., the emerging of foreign investments in China nation are all the changing dimensions of the world. These are few of the changes which have occurred around last two decades. The issue facing people in business today is how to manage such changes.
     The origin of one change has an impact on other origin of changes. For example, technological break thorough of the communication in computers resulted in tremendous change of behavioral through an extensive and immediate involvement of the average citizen in world event. In the past, it took time and a lot of money to reach the person across the continent but now it is only one click on the button and a cost under $1.
     The impact of the change affects the individual, on organization, and on geopolitical. The management of change by individual, organization, and national and international bodies is critical to survival in the decades ahead. The individuals who invest their most formative years in an education and their most productive years in occupational activities must be able to build to personal competence both to survive and manage change. Organizations require flexibility in structure and appropriate strategies if they are to survive and be viable in the future. And government, institutions, and international coordination must create the appropriate environment to permit individuals and organizations to prosper and create the fruits of civilization.

     The emphasis is primary on how individuals and organizations can deal with change successfully and develop appropriate strategies and structures for the effective management of change. Management of change must provide guidelines for institutional and structural change as well as for individual. (Scott and Jaffe, 1995)
     If persons have a motivation to face a change, they are likely to take people with them and they can bring organization to change. This is an effective one. Also, there are many changes that are brought by the change in an institution, such as the go...

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...n; prevent crisis. Nonetheless, Basil and Cook (1974) state crisis can be a danger that weakens or destroys the organization or crisis can be a growth opportunity. Therefore, successfully dealing with change in the organization means choosing to grow and develop continuously.

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