Management and Operations Management Theory Essay

Management and Operations Management Theory Essay

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Management and Operations Management Theory


This paper defines the four functions of management and the operations management theory. It then provides an analysis of how the functions of management the operations management.


Planning: It is an act of formulating a program for a definitive course of action. The management defines a goal and puts forward its strategies to accomplish the objectives defined.

Organizing: To divide the work force into specific groups and giving each group a specific task. Organizing also involves ensuring that a smooth flow of information and co-ordination exists between these groups. Thus the basic aim of organizing is to simply divide the work load and define the tasks while setting up deadlines in such a way that although different groups do different things but they all work together with the help of each other towards achieving the same goal which has been predefined.

Leading (Motivating): Leading or motivating is simply to influence the employee in such a way that their output for the task given is most competent. This includes communication with the work force, recognizing and dealing with the problems they might be facing and also giving them good incentive to put in their best. Incentives can include best performance awards. Further on leading also comprises of maintaining discipline within the organization.

Controlling: This includes the analysis of the rate of achievement as compared to the objectives defined. If the rate of achievement is less than the original objectives, then specific measures are taken to make certain satisfactory results by increasing the efficiency of the output by the work force. If the analysis shows a flaw in the original objectives, then they are to be corrected.


Operations management deals with all the operations within an organization. Activities that are included in operations management are quality control, logistics, evaluations, managing purchases, inventory control, product design and production control.

Operations management is simply defined as “The design, operation and improvement of the internal and external systems, resources and technologies that create product and service combinations in any type of organization.” [Robert H. Lowson p.5]

It is important for an organization to...

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...ciples or functions of management, then their operations management will suffer a blow. As seen from above, it is highly important for any organization, whether manufacturing or non-manufacturing, to act upon the functions of management. A plan, its mode of action, execution and its analysis are important components for an organization. Their impacts on the operations management are positive and effective. As a result one cannot deny the need of implementing these functions of management, for a successful operations management and thus a successful organization.


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