Politics in Animal Farm Essay

Politics in Animal Farm Essay

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Politics in Animal Farm  

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm we get a glimpse of a strange switch in totalitarian rule.  From Mr. Jones a cruel farmer who feeds his animals to little and works them to hard, to Napolean a pig that will have you killed for a bottle of liquor.  Through stupidity, narrow mindedness and pure cowardice of some animals we view the inevitable as the farm animals become ruled by pigs.  Old Major probably not the first animal to think of as an animal to ruin a utopia for the farm, is in most cases not a favored example to contribute to the pigs takeover.  This pig finally near the end of his better than average life chose to create a rebellion against the then in power Mr. Jones.  A truly justifiable act executed in a time to late, for Major died to soon to lead the farm.  If Old Major had summed up an ounce of courage in his closer to piglet years further and earlier then his dying days the animals might have had a chance of a better life.  Old Major can be seen as him being a late coward having what is thought on the farm to be a good life trying to end it a false legend or maybe Old Major was a slow hero wanting to leave a better life for his friends.  Still though we should agree that for Old Major’s failing action or neglect was the time he chose to start a rebellion, in the few days before he died.

At one point in the story Napolean takes pups from a dog mother, this would seem strange to most parents a person wanting to raise your children in private without any visitation on the parent’s part, but yet this goes uncontested by the dogs who just seem to think nothing of it.  If the dogs had given Napolean contest to him taking the pups, maybe ...

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...their greedy eyes they saw no reason to save the other farm animals.  The book gives as little evidence of any pig showing protest to Napoleon’s actions except of course Snowball and the other three executed pigs.

Old Major chose a poor time to launch a rebellion.  The dogs showed little care for the outcome of their pups’ upbringing.  The hens’ independence could be seen as a bad action to the taking over of the farm.  If the sheep were genetically smarter the story’s course could have been changed.  Boxer’s tolerance of the pigs could have been a factor leading to his death.  Benjamin’s negligence could have been the downfall of the farm.  Lastly the remaining pigs selfishness is a contribution leading to the worse then average life of the farm animals.  All these animals were responsible for the pigs’ dictatorship.


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