Luke?s Significance In The Scriptures Essay

Luke?s Significance In The Scriptures Essay

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Luke’s Significance in the Scriptures

     If I were lucky enough to lecture students on Luke’s Gospel, simply discussing

the factual aspect of his writings would not do him, nor Jesus, any justice. Along with it

being a great depiction of Jesus’ life from his conception until his resurrection, Luke’s

Gospel teaches lessons Jesus used through His teachings to better educate His followers

of what it takes to eventually be a part of God’s kingdom. Such information would be

seemingly too broad to understand within the confines of a book, however Luke

masterfully combines all of these facts into one story with numerous lessons, leaving it as

a difficult task for an educator to select which aspects of it to cover.

      The third Gospel, written by Luke, presents The Son of Man through a human

form as Jesus. Jesus’ life on Earth could be broken down into three parts: Jesus’ birth,

Jesus’ preaching, and Jesus’ death and resurrection. These three aspects of His life are the

vocal points for what modern day Theologians seem to focus on in their own teaching, so

it would be nonsensical for me to refrain from using them within my own. It must

also be acknowledged that much of what Jesus endured through His lifetime teaches a

point so after discussing the actual happenings of a particular event, it is necessary to

discuss its intentions for us.

     Concerning Jesus’ birth, I would teach students how His birth had both simil-

rities and differences to our own. Mary went through pregnancy carrying a fetus for nine

                                                  Kearney 2

months, as women always have, though she was never actually impregnated. The Angel

Gabriel visited Mary to bear some unexpected news, telling her that, “…you have found

favor with God. Behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son” (CSB 99).

Mary was a virgin, although God gave her the power to conceive a child. This amazing

occurrence was only the beginning of what would become a storied lifetime of miracles,

teachings, and Je...

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...nbsp;                           Kearney 4

Living by these two things, Jesus strives to spread God’s word so that people will see that

hatred-filled and unforgiving people will not be invited to the Kingdom of God. I would

tell my students that whenever an attempted act of mine is in question, I will revert back

to this to determine whether or not God would approve.

The third Gospel, written by Luke, is a detailed description of Jesus’ life on Earth.

Covering so much area in terms of stories and lessons, it is difficult to narrow down the

important points or to focus on certain aspects. If I were an educator and had to teach this

to students, like I have just done, I would break down Jesus’ life into three parts: Jesus’

birth, Jesus’ preaching, and Jesus’ death and resurrection. I would hit upon the topics

which I have already mentioned, and reflect on the significance of each. Discovering the

lessons presented before a reader and beginning to think more like God is the greatest

achievement one could receive from Luke’s Gospel.

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