Marijuana Should Not Be Legal Essay example

Marijuana Should Not Be Legal Essay example

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Drug use is becoming more common today than in recent years. Almost
anywhere we look, we can find some relation to drugs or drug paraphernalia. In
fact, 63% of you stated in my survey that you had smoked marijuana in the past.
That number is scary, since 81% of you are under 25 years of age and have your
whole lives ahead of you. Some of you may be thinking "So What" Bill Clinton
has admitted smoking marijuana, and he is President. Well, that surely is not a
good attitude to have considering the damage that marijuana may cause to your

     Sure, many of you may not change your lifestyle after today, but I hope
to make you think of what you may be getting yourself in to. This afternoon I
will give you both sides of the issue. I will try to persuade you to stay away
from marijuana in turning you against this dangerous drug.

     Many supporters of marijuana claim that hemp can be a very resourceful
plant. Hemp is considered to contain less than one percent
tetrahydrocannabinols (THC) (Pluff 1). THC is the psychoactive chemical found
in marijuana. Hemp can be confused with marijuana and considered the same, but
do not let this fool you. Marijuana comes from the flowers or "buds" of the
hemp plant. These buds are what contains the THC and gives the user the high
effect (Pluff 1). Other nations such as Europe have registered varieties of
hemp seeds that contain less than .03 percent of THC including the buds (Pluff

     Now that you know what hemp is, lets look at its uses. Hemp fiber can
be turned in to rope, canvas, and paper, and this is only a few of the uses.
The rope that is made with hemp is said to be resistant to both fresh water and
salt water. It is also considered better than most conventional rope by its
strength and holding power. Another product that can be made from hemp is
canvas. This canvas is very useful in making tents, sails, and even the covers
on early settlers' wagons. Like the rope, the canvas also stands up well
against water, and ninety percent of ship's sails were made of hemp canvas
before the nineteenth century. The last product I am going to talk about is
hemp paper. This paper is much softer than conventional paper, and it is stated
that, "one acre of hemp can replace four acres of fore...

... middle of paper ... attention on the road in which
they were driving.

To sum it all up, marijuana use is increasing among individuals. Almost
everywhere we look there is support for this drug. This does not make sense in
a society that is hung up on looking good and living a full life. Everyday we
are making improvements to our society and making America a better place to live.
I feel that with the legalization of marijuana we will begin to take a step
backwards. One can only wonder, if marijuana was legalized what would drug
supporters pick next. And remember that when the commercial says "This buds is
for you" do not believe them, just say no!

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