Essay on Lack of Funding Of Sports Programs

Essay on Lack of Funding Of Sports Programs

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Lack of Funding Of Sports Programs

     Lack of Funding in Sports Programs is causing schools and after school programs to drop sports all together. Sports is good in not only helping individuals cope with problems, but learn to interact with others and the importance of team work. Educational departments are cutting funding for these programs and this is hurting children for many reasons. This paper will help people understand how important sports are and what is being done with the money that is supposed to go to sports. Solutions to help put funding back on the right track will be shown and the opposing viewpoint will be explained.
     Students all over the country are hurting without sports. Sports help students get into colleges that will allow them to get a better education. Once in college only a hand full of athletes will go on into professional sports. That leaves thousands of students who will need a good education to get a good job. Playing in school sports actually helps students do better in school work than students who don’t participate in any sport. It allows for an outlet from other distractions that occur in highschool and college life. Outside school programs allows children to escape from the negative aspects they may encounter in the world. Children from rough neighborhoods where a lot of people end up in jail or dead because of drugs and gangs get a chance to be away from those things and do something positive with their lives. These programs all...

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