Essay on Labor Unions in Industrial Revolution

Essay on Labor Unions in Industrial Revolution

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Why fight for justice? Justice has been a striving issue for American citizens for years. These citizen’s justices include those in which should be granted in the workplace. Labor unions have resulted from the mistreatment of employees and the unsafe or unfair working conditions, a very common occurrence during the Industrial Revolution. In an endless struggle for justice, organized labor unions fought, and continue to fight for rights deserved in working environments. The evolution of labor unions during the Industrial Revolution proved to be beneficial then as well as the modern day.
     During the Industrial Revolution, many workers were put out of employment or had their wages reduced because of uprising machinery. For example, the cost of cotton yarn decreased because of the technological and industrial advances. These advances also reduced the amount of needed workers (Rempel 2). Many employees disagreed with assembly line machinery over man-labor because they needed their jobs for familial financing. With a redundant amount of machines, it reduced need for human hands, which inevitably, reduced worker’s wage (Hooker 4).
     After machine-production, most factory employer’s wanted workers fit for exactly what they needed them for. In the late 1700’s, many women and children were hired for factory work because of their small, nimble body structure, which makes them capable of running and fixing the meticulously designed machines. Another employment preference is most directly women workers because they were easier to manage and to teach machine work to than men and could be paid less for the same job. Furthermore, single women were employer’s top interest because they were predicted less likely to strike and protest against the corporation. A surplus in female factory employment resulted in family problems because the “caretaker” of the family could very likely be working twelve hour days and oftentimes getting sick from unclean work conditions (Ellis and Esler 204). Their call for help in their industrial issues was soon answered by a group of organized laborers, more commonly referred to as a labor union.
     In continuation, the concept of labor unions is quite simple. Labor unions have working members fuse together to become a powerful force. This powerful force works to ...

... middle of paper ...

...e lack of labor unions can have a severe affect on all aspects of living because working is the one necessary key for lifelong survival.

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