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A juvenile is defined as not yet adult; young, childish, immature. In the United States, definitions and age limits of juveniles vary. The 16-20 year old age group has one of the highest incidences of serious crime (ojjdp.org). In 1994, juveniles accounted for 19% of all violent crime arrests in The United States. Although juvenile arrests for violent crimes declined 3% from 1994-1995 (the first decrease in almost ten years), the number of juvenile violent crime arrests in 1995 was 67% above the 1986 level. Among juvenile offenders, males make up 85% of the total arrests for violent crime index offenses (Colorado.edu). Females make up 34%. Boys ages 12-17 are one and a half more likely to be victims of violent crimes than girls. Minorities play a key role in juvenile crimes. African American juveniles were six times more likely than Caucasian juveniles to be victims of homicide in 2002.
Between 1996 and 2000, the number of female juvenile arrested for violent crimes such as murder, robbery and aggravated assault increased 25% with no increasing arrests of male juveniles for the same offense. Female juvenile arrests for property crimes such as burglary, motor vehicle theft and arson have increased 21% while male arrests decreased 4% (Hoffman, 2001). Female involvement in crimes has evolved into a significant trend. However, young females are far less likely than males to violate the law. Some of the contributions to the increase in female delinquency are that female delinquent behavior is related to weak bonds with parents and school. Most female violent behavior is learned behavior and so unfortunately violence is the only or the most effective way to achieve status, respect and other social and personal needs. The initial causes of violence are found in the early learning experiences in the family which includes weak family bonding and ineffective monitoring and supervision. Involvement with delinquent friends is the strongest and most immediate cause of serious violent behavior for females. It is within this group that violence is encouraged. The problems encountered by an adolescent female at school causes stress and conflict. If supervision and monitoring are not available to help the female, the likelihood of violence will occur (Barbour, 1999).
When a juvenile commits a crime, the court where the juvenile will be in becomes a factor. Some juveniles...

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...re a teenager should know right from wrong. Ethics is something that starts at home when growing up. Some may argue what if a person doesn’t have a stable upbringing? There are other alternatives such as school clubs, community organizations, church and other positive things. Many may argue that 28 years is “too long” for a 14 year old to serve. So then, what is “too short?” If Brazill was maybe 24 or 40 then maybe this wouldn’t be an issue. Some would feel that he has lived most of his life and so spending the rest of his life in prison would be okay. To send a 14 year old to prison until the age of 42 is unjust to some. They feel he would miss growing up, high school, interacting with others his age, etc. I think maybe he should’ve been interacting with others his age before deciding to even take a gun to school. He is old enough to know that a gun is trouble. He had to know that what he did called for punishment. I agree with POA that if he does go to juvenile court and serve maybe 7 years for killing a teacher than that is suppose to be okay? If Brazill was old enough to shoot and kill someone than he is old enough to be punished in an adult prison just like any other minor.

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