Essay about John McCain: Modern Progressivism

Essay about John McCain: Modern Progressivism

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John McCain:

Modern Progressivism?


     Presidential hopeful John McCain seems to want to revive

the Progressive Republican Party. With the elections around the

corner, McCain’s campaign is off the ground. And the comparisons

to former progressive president Theodore Roosevelt are endless.

The divide between him and the other major Republican candidate,

George W. Bush are increasingly obvious on most of the issues.


     John McCain promises to expand and improve the United

States’ Armed Forces for better military preparedness. He

believes that it is our duty as a powerful free nation to ensure

and protect the rights of others around the world using any

measures we see fit., mediation in foreign affairs or even the use

of military power. Theodore Roosevelt advocated the same

military preparedness, he had faith in the virtues of war as he

had previously been so involved in the Spanish-American conflict.

He called the battle of San Juan Hill “the greatest day of my life.’

McCain has a similar history in the military, having served as a

captain in the United States’ Navy in the Vietnam War, he was a

Prisoner of War from 1967-1073. McCain has said that his tortured

time as a POW served to make him a stronger person.

     Both McCain and Roosevelt have taken a moral approach in

reforming of the federal government. Joh...

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