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Finding A Job Essay

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Finding A Job

Every day someone is looking for a job. Whether that person is a recent graduate, a person laid-off from work, or a person that wants a different job, their diligent search turns into a carefully planned search for employment. It is important that a person knows how to search effectively for a job. There are three effective ways to look for a job: use a variety of resources, do a resume, and go on interviews.

     One way a person can look for a job effectively is to use a variety or resources, such as the newspaper, the Internet, or the local Job-Service Agency. The newspaper can be used to help find a job by looking at the job listings in the classified ad sections. The job listings in a newspaper vary depending on what is listed. One can find the classified ads by using the newspaper's index, which is located in the front of the newspaper. Another resource that can be used is the Internet. The Internet contains many search engines that can be used to find a specific job. One can even apply for jobs over the Internet. A person can also use the local Job-Service Agency to find a job. A Job-Service Agency can help the unemployed person find a job in the area where he or she lives. The Job-Service Agency tries to match ones skills with the jobs that are available.

     Another good way of looking for a job, is to actually walk into the store/place that may be a good place to work. Up at the customer service they have job applications. Ask one of ...

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