Essay on A Comparison of Jesus and Muhammad

Essay on A Comparison of Jesus and Muhammad

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Comparison of Jesus and Muhammad

     Jesus and Muhammad have been held in high respect, if not respected, by the billions who have belonged to the religions that these two greats founded. Although both men thought of them of selves as spokes people of the same God not very much attention has been given to their similarities and differences.

          It is hard to find people through the ages that appreciate what Muhammad did. It seems that a lot of people degrade the rival leader to promote their won religious leader. In spite of these similarities, a comparison of the two men is somewhat uneven in the eyes of the Muslims and Christians.  

              Muhammad spent his life in a region known as Hijaz, an arid plateau in western Arabia and also he lived the end of his life in Medina, where as Jesus spent his life in Nazareth located less than a thousand miles northwest of Mohammed homeland He also spent some time if his younger life in Egypt once Jesus was kicked out of Nazareth he moved to the lakeside town Capernium. Most of the young lives of the two are not very well documented all biographical information is held within the bible and the Koran.

          Islam and Christianity are the most widely studied religions. Jesus belonged to a religion which some women were given respect, as in the Islamic religion the women are given very much less respect that Christianity The bible and the Koran are both the most widely read books in the history of the ...

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