Japanese Occupation in South-east Asia Essays

Japanese Occupation in South-east Asia Essays

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Japanese Occupation in South-east Asia

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction
Background                                                  Pg. 3
Thesis                                                       Pg. 3
Research questions                                             Pg. 3
Rationale                                                  Pg. 3
Methodology                                                  Pg. 4
Chapter 2: Literature Review                                   Pg. 5
Primary sources                                             Pg. 5
Secondary sources                                             Pg. 6
Chapter 3: Research Methodology                                   Pg. 8
Procedure                                                  Pg. 8
Types of sources                                             Pg. 8
Compiling and presenting the data                                   Pg. 8
Chapter 4: Results and findings                                   Pg. 10
Background information                                        Pg. 10
Conflict between Japan and United States                              Pg. 11
The Japanese Occupation (1942 – 1945)                              Pg. 11
Chapter 5: Discussion and interpretation                              Pg. 24
The causes or motives of Japanese Occupation                         Pg. 24
The effect of Japanese Occupation                                   Pg. 25
Propaganda                                                  Pg. 26
Chapter 6: Conclusion                                        Pg. 28
Acknowledgements                                             Pg. 29

Chapter 1: Introduction
     The Pacific War opened on 7 December 1941, and Japanese troops started invading other Asian countries. Singapore, which was a colony of Britain at that time, fell to the Japanese on 15 February 1942. Since then, the people in South-east Asia had great sufferings. During the Japanese Occupation, many people suffered and some even died. Finally, the Japanese surrendered after the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, and the nightmare was finally over.
     War does more harm than good.
Research questions:
•     What are the main causes & motives of the Japanese Occupation
•     What are the main effects of Japanese Occupation to the people at that time?
•     What are the instruments...

... middle of paper ...

The people under the Occupation suffered, and the people in Japan also suffered after the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. We learned that war does not do any party good, as we can see from the end of the war. We should learn our lessons from this event, and from the causes we can learn how to prevent it. Therefore, we should place our attention on the recent US and Iraq war, and stand on the side of peacefulness. We should also educate ourselves to differentiate between propaganda and the reality. Lastly, I had proven my theory, “War does more harm than good.”

Understanding our past, Singapore from Colony to Nation - Federal Publications

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