Gatsby is Not Really Great Essay

Gatsby is Not Really Great Essay

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Is Gatsby Really Great?

The first thing you see when you pick up this book is the Title “The Great Gatsby”
So already you expect Gatsby to great before you have even opened the book. As the first chapter unravels The Narrator and Gatsby’s Neighbor Nick Carraway, tells us plainly that he loathes Gatsby, however by the end of the paragraph he describes Gatsby’s character as “gorgeous”. He also says

“No Gatsby turned out alright in the end.”

From now we begin to wonder about how great Gatsby really is? On one hand he is “vile” because Carraway tell us he has “Unaffected scorn” for him while on the other hand he is “gorgeous”. We consider Nicks opinions to be very accurate as he is a fair and sensitive person who is also the probably the only person that really knew Gatsby.

Gatsby is the stories protagonist when we first meet him he is very mysterious and “God Like” which adds to his sense of greatness. Nick says Gatsby has :

“come out to determine what share of our local heavens ."

The first thing we see Gatsby doing is reaching for a green light. This green light represents his dream. A dream he is striving to achieve.

When considering Gatsby’s Greatness, we must remember always that this is the 1920’s the “Jazz Age”. And Gatsby was a young successful man with lots of money. Not only is this the ideal of the American dream, but he also through gigantic parties every Saturday in his gothic mansion, where all the rich and famous would gather. He was a perf...

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