Introduction to Databases Essay

Introduction to Databases Essay

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Introduction to Databases
What is a database? A database is a collection of data structured and organized in a disciplined fashion so that it is possible to access information of interest as quickly as possible. (Newton, 193)
In residential sales at TDS Metrocom, the database that is used almost exclusively is Microsoft Access. We use access to track incoming e-mails, keep track of individual and team performance statistics, inbound call volume, and we use Access to provision a customers order for Internet service to coincide with the provisioning of their phone service.
In using Access to track all incoming e-mail from customers to us we have two databases, in the first database I enter the date the e-mail came in, the hour the e-mail(s) came in from a drop down menu and enter the number of e-mail(s) that came in during that hour. This database is used every three months to track e-mail volume by day of week and by hour. With this data, I am able to see e-mail volume by hour. What this allows me to do is monitor system problems with either our website and/or our corporate firewall. As an example, I was seeing “dead time” in the company e-mail box, meaning that during a certain time of day we received no e-mail, as TDS receives e-mail at every hour of the day I knew something was wrong. The IT department said that no e-mail was being sent to us. With the data that I had stored in this database, I was able to convince the IT department to look into the matter. It was discover...

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