Interpersonal and Small Group Communication Essay

Interpersonal and Small Group Communication Essay

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As I planed to take this class, I thought this course would be like all other general education courses. I believed that it would be of little use to me. However, after attending the first class, my view has changed completely. I applied each and every theory to my life.
Amazingly all these ideas were exactly applicable. Perception checking is one of the things that I believe the most. As I looked back, I found tones of different times where I could have used perception checking to over come my problems.
While interviewing Atif Alam about the team work that is done at his work place and he replayed some very obvious answer and all his experience in work were the same as we have discussed in our class discussion. But there was another point that I felt was very important appreciation of ideas inside the group. According to Atif there should enough appreciation fro your, so that a person should feel that he is appropriate for the group.

The value of dual prospective:
Some time some approach to solve some problems are totally opposite, But people think that is the right solution. I want to explain this with my life experience. Last year I was working for a company as a programmer, while writing some application for that company I came across a problem. I talked my boss about that problem he take the program code from me and ask my college to fix that problem, and he fixed that problem. But that was not the solution because he produced some security holes in the system...

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