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internal combustion engines of the future Essay

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Internal Combustion Engines for the Future
Horst Schulte, Martin Wirth
Ford Motor Company
Future internal combustion engines for light duty applications will have to cope with a very complex set of
customer, legal and business requirements. Customers are expecting further improvements in durability, reliability,
drivability, fuel economy, and cost of ownership. Legal requirements are focused on significant emission and fuel
consumption reductions. Additional manufacturing cost reductions will be essential to maintain, or better grow the
business in a very competitive environment.
The challenge for the diesel engine will be to meet the future emission standards at affordable cost, while maintaining its
fuel economy advantages. Regarding the emissions, advanced diesel technologies will have to focus mainly on NOx
reduction. New combustion system concepts in combination with advanced airhandling/boosting and control systems
offer a promising potential.
The focus for future gasoline engine development will be on fuel economy improvements through improved combustion
systems and reduced throttle losses at part load operation. This can be achieved through e.g. direct fuel injection with
stratified lean part load operation. Downsizing in combination with boosting offers an additional potential.
Internal combustion engines still have a huge potential to deal with the challenges of the future. In comparison with
alternative powertrain concepts, at least for the next 20 years, the internal combustion engine should be able to maintain
its advantages regarding high power density, low manufacturing cost, recyclability, long driving distance between two
refueling events, well established fuel supply infrastructure, and its capability to use a wide variety of fuels.
Key-words: Diesel and Gasoline Engines, Fuel Economy, Emissions, Combustion, Boosting
Future powertrains for light duty applications have to fulfil a very complex set of requirements (Figure 1), and there is
always the question: "Will the internal combustion engine be able to cope with these challenges also in the future?"
•Resale Value
•Fuel Economy
•Maintenance Cost
•Driving Range
•Bigger Vehicles
•More Features and Equipment
•Customized Vehicles
Legal Requirements
•Market Share /Total V...

... middle of paper ...

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