Essay on Immigration is Inevitable

Essay on Immigration is Inevitable

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Throughout time people have been immigrating for reasons afar. In search of what or why I might ask brings upon many controversial issues. How a person chooses to immigrate is totally dependent upon what kind of opportunities are at hand. There are a very few immigrants who immigrate to places where connections are absent.
Majority of immigration happens for economic reasons. Wage Levels vary in different countries. Someone from a third world country may have a higher standard of living in a more developed country than in his or her original country. I think that sometimes the economic pressure of migrating is so high that even if legal means restricted people immigrate no matter what their legal status. Another reason people immigrate is for flight from persecution. Many criminals commit crimes in their own countries and then flee to another country simply to keep their freedom. The criminals have a better chance of never getting caught. Which in turn means that he or she is able to start a whole new life in another country as probably some one else. People also immigrate to be close to family and friends. It is greatly because of these connections that people decide to make the move. No one wants to have to rebuild their life in a far away land not knowing any one or any thing.
Immigrants enter the other countries by whatever option is available. Some choose to go the legal way and apply for a visa to enter the country of their choice. Along with applying for visa’s ...

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