Essay about Immigrants Contribution in USA Development

Essay about Immigrants Contribution in USA Development

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Immigrants Contribution In USA Development

As we all know that USA is a country build by immigrants from all over the world, particularly from Europe and South America.
During the Second World War most of the scientist from Germany and Europe settled in U.S.A. Again in the early seventies and eighties, a large number of young people entered USA as students and thereafter legally got the immigration through sponsorship of spouse, relatives and employers, Most of these immigrants after settling in USA not only contributed in the growth of economy but also were instrumental in developing the high technology for which America today is famous.
Much of the technical and cultural innovation that has come out of the USA would not have been possible without the contribution of German immigrants, whose influence on the USA began in the 1600s.
(German Contribution
Since eighties, due to socio-economic and political problems in the third world countries, millions of people from these underdeveloped and poor countries flooded USA either as legal, refugees, asylum seekers or illegal looking for green Pasteur and better opportunities for themselves and their families (as USA had a very high economic growth in the world). Later on, they were given legality either through amnesty schemes or sponsorship.
We, the Americans, had a very negative perception of the immigrants. According to 1994 Newsweek survey; 50 p...

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