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     It started like any other day up on the hills of Rhein, but that day had the scent of freedom floating in the air. The journey ahead of me had been teasing me for weeks, I was just so anxious to get away and start all over again. I had made certain arrangements before I left, our family dog was not allowed on the ship that we were going to be arriving in America, so I had my parents take care of the dog for us. It was a hard thing to do seeing that the dog had become more than just a pet to the children and I, for we almost would recognize him as a family member. Most of our possessions we were able to keep with us, but we had to keep the load light since it was going to be a tight stay in the steerage. I wasn’t sure of what to expect in America, but my friend Niva had been writing me ever since she had arrived in America; begging me to witness the splendor of freedom given, and the different way of living. I was easy to be convinced into going because it seemed like nothing was really happening in my life, and I was desperate for a change.
     The sea breezes were dancing around me as I waved goodbye to my ma and pa. Tears streamed down my face as I looked at what I was going to be leaving, it was my life and my past. Each of the children were given a photograph of the last time we were all together, including our dog Marcy and my ma and pa. Their small hands drifted in the breeze while waving goodbye to everything they knew in this world, for they had not yet
been to another country before, nor had they ever left the world of Rhein. As the ship set sail, it was almost as if we were breaking away from reality. It was a scary thought to start all over but I was willing to put myself through any circumstances to get me away from Rhein. I was tired of the living conditions of Rhein, and I knew America offered better schooling for the children. It was a risky change in my life and the children’s, but I knew as soon as the ropes were untied and we started to drift away, that there was no turning back.
     When the shore of Rhein was distant in our path, I thought it was a good time to go to our room on the ship. I kept my children close to me for I was unsure of these strangers that crowed the halls. After going down many stair wells into the bottom the ship, we had arrived at...

... middle of paper ... green shutters beside the windows. With one ring of the door bell, the door shot upon and Niva came running out. Happy tears filled our eyes, for it had been several years since we had last seen each other. She took us up to her apartment space, and there we shared all the great things and not so great things that had occurred in our lives while we were apart. The children swarmed the apartment and were racing around exploring each room, almost as if there was a hidden treasure in each. The rest of the night we all relaxed over a nice meal and listened to Niva’s funny stories of getting lost in the huge city.
     For a long time I was unsure of if I wished to stay in New York, or if I wanted to explore more of America and go south or west. But, since Niva had already put in a good word for me at many shops, I decided to stay because I had already so much going for me. From time to time I wrote back to my ma and pa to share with them all of my experiences in America, and I would always leave room for the children to write also. Life was so much better here in America, and each day was another piece to make a difference in my new life, our second chance.

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