Hydrogen Power as a Fuel Source Essay examples

Hydrogen Power as a Fuel Source Essay examples

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Hydrogen Power as a Fuel Source

It is no secret that the Gulf war was fought for superiority of the vast oil reserves in the Arab regions. This point to the fact that the superpowers are experiencing a severe shortage of fuel for its un-satiated energy needs. While the advanced nations in the world are the biggest consumers of fuel, their fuel production capacities are very limited or almost non-existent. Scientists predict that the world's oil reserves will not last for long and we need to find out alternative forms of fuel for our ever growing fuel needs. In addition, the quantum of pollution that occurs by burning fossil fuels is an ever growing threat to the already fragile ecosystems of the world. It is in this scenario that the world has turned its attention to non-conventional fuels that are cheap, non-polluting and easily producible. While a variety of fuels have been considered as non-conventional alternate fuels, the potential of hydrogen as a fuel of the future is promising.

In terms of usage, it is believed that the United States is the world's most fuel-consuming nation with consumption levels reaching twelve million barrels a day. The astounding part of this statistic is that two third of this fuel, that is eight million barrels are burned on the roads to power cars and trucks. Obviously, the United States is also the world's largest producer of Carbon dioxide that contributes most to the green house effect. The cost for importing so much oil a day is a...

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