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Human Genome Project Essay

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Thesis: Large corporations, such as insurance companies, and governments are looking to save money on future policyholders through the use of genetic testing.

General information on the Human Genome Project
Time of discussion leading up to implementation
Who was involved
Where does the funding come from
Insurance Companies and discrimination
Discrimination against unborn children
Genetic testing for “bad'; or unwanted traits
Fix vs. Abort
Not covering unborn with unwanted traits
Denying Benefits to Current Members
Forcing Genetic test to continue coverage
Not covering spouses, children, etc.. who come up “Bad';
Denying coverage to new members
1. New members who want to join but have unwanted traits
People switching jobs that need insurance but can’t get it
Benefits to people with unwanted traits
Will government protect people with a predisposition to recklessness
Will governments provide benefits for people with predisposition to genetic disorders?
Will welfare be provided to people with genetic predisposition not to work
Will the government try to alter people on welfare
Will the military attempt to genetically alter persons to become greater soldiers or officers?
Will the newly found technologies be used to engineer biological weapons?
Will corporations require genetic testing to be performed as a term of hire?
Will corporations issue genetic testing to employees to determine job position?
A.     Define Eugenics
B.     Creating a “Custom Child';
1.     Ability
2.     Ethics
Privacy and ethical views on genetic testing
General concerns of privacy
Discrimination from insurance companies
Discrimination from government policies
Discrimination from employers
Who should now the results of a genetic test?
Individuals should know
Employers should not know
Government should not know
Insurance should not know
Widespread views on the ethical issues of genetic testing
Physicians and their views
Views of the general public

Discussion on the Negative Implications of the Information Derived from the Human Genome Project
Should man govern nature? This is a question that has been posed more often recently than ever. Human will soon know the secret to life and be able to ...

... middle of paper ...

...t on their practices, but do expect major clinical changes in the future (Fetters 1).
Although the Human Genome Project will bring upon many aspects that will be beneficial for generations to come, there are too many negative implications that will turn a lot of cheeks. Supporters of this effort will in the future regret their choice. There will be employment and insurance barriers due to genetic testing. Perhaps the worst part about the government implications is the biological military applications that will spawn destructive biological weapons. Man should not and could not govern nature. Nature has always prevailed from the beginning of time. Man has finally sealed his own fate.

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