How important is Tourism and Agriculture for the Dominican Republic economy.

How important is Tourism and Agriculture for the Dominican Republic economy.

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Thesis Statement
How important is Tourism and Agriculture for the Dominican Republic economy.
•     One of the base of Dominican economy
•     35% labor force
•     Produces of Dominican Republic are; coffee, cacao, tobacco, cotton, rice, beans, potatoes, etc.
•     The Dominican agriculturists are responsible for supplying most of the Dominican food to the population.
•     One of the most important aspects I the Dominican economy.
•     Because of location, Dominicans people and climate, Dominican Republic is one of the most visited countries in the Caribbean by tourists.
•     Also helps in the social development since they are constantly receiving people from other countries.


“The Dominican Republic is a middle-income developing country primarily dependent on agriculture, trade, and services, especially tourism. Although the service sector has recently overtaken agriculture as the leading employer of Dominicans, agriculture remains the most important sector in terms of domestic consumption and is in second place in terms of export earnings. Tourism accounts for more than $1 billion in annual earnings. Free Trade Zone earnings and tourism are fasted-growing export sectors.” In the following essay I am going to write about how important is tourism and agriculture is for the Dominican Republic Economy.

Agriculture has been the economic base of the Dominican Republic from its beginnings, thanks to the globalization, the foreign trade and the persistence to satisfy to the population in agreement with the new international demands, has caused that the recent governments to be directed towards other forms of finances. The citizens also have been very cooperative interchanging agricultural goods and other simple works by the modern commerce, as they are: businesses, stores, etc. This reason does not make agriculture less important. The farming sector is responsible in replacing most of foods to the Dominican population; which covers 80% of all foods consumed in the Dominican Republic by the small and medium agriculturists.

“The Dominican Republic recently has signed a free trade agreement with the United States. It is anticipated that the Dominican...

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... that if they apply ecotourism and make also a good publicity, it will attract more tourists to the country and make a much more prosper economy. On the other hand the agreement they just signed with the United States will help Dominican Republic as well, since it will inject more money to its country. In Dominican Republic there is a lot of poverty and I think that with this agreement people will get more jobs. They both eco-tourism and agriculture will also help a lot of unemployed people that the country currently has, since there are going to be more jobs available to offer and there is going to be more things to do.

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