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Thesis statement: All terrain vehicles are helpful and useful and I will
explain how they work and how to fix them in this paper.

Outline: Inn this paper I will discuss ATV’s and general knowledge and
getting them wet. I also will discuss their origin and how they need care and
how to keep them doing good for a long time.

      What is an ATV? It is an All Terrain Vehicle, also called three or
four wheelers. It is also called a quad or ATV. An ATV is built to go
where other vehicles cannot go. ATV’s are also built to handle a lot of
stress and abuse. ATV’s are virtually indestructible; however, they have a
few weaknesses and it is important to know and understand those few
weaknesses. You should always do a complete check of your ATV before
riding . Second, ATV’s also provide power and speed. There are also
amphibian ATV’s that float and go like a boat. ATV’s were first “work”
vehicles for telephone and electrical linemen and other types of people.
They used the ATV’s to get from one pole to another that went over
difficult terrain where 4x4 trucks could not go.
(Estrem ATV’s 10)
     Second, you do not need a special permit or driver’s license to drive
a ATV although special training is recommend by several manufacturers
and some even give seminars and free classes. I believe that some
company’s give cash back to people who take classes. I ,myself, have not
taken any of these classes. There are no age limits or restrictions because
these are not operated on public streets, roads or highways. ATV’s are
“Off-road” machines. There is also safety gear to protect you from harm.
These accessories include helmets, gloves, boots, chest protectors and so
(Estrem ATV’s 10-11)
Third, ATV’s need some type of power plant to propel them. The types of
power plants that are most common are the two stroke engine and the four
stroke engine (A stroke is one movement of the piston Microsoft Encarta
96 Internal Combustion Engine). The general principle of the two-stroke
engine is to shorten the periods in which fuel is put into the combustion
chamber and in which the spent gases are exhausted to a small fraction of
the duration of a stroke instead of allowing each of these operations to
occupy a full stroke. In the simplest type of two-stroke engine, the poppet
valves are replaced by sleeve valves or ports (openings in t...

... middle of paper ...

Buggy class. At home on sand, dirt, or the surface of Mars, these
competition-designed vehicles spend as much time on their roll bars as they
do on their tires. The series will feature another buggy class called the
Stadium Lites. The Lites are an ultra-quick, lightweight version of the
Supers and are based on Honda's Odessey/Pilot line of full roll cage ATVs.
Finally, the Stadium Thunder Bikes will wow the crowd with high-flying
action. These big, bad, four-stroke bikes are the same machines used from
Baja to Supercross. (Internet VIA America Online Internet Provider)
     In Conclusion ATV’s are fun yet dangerous. ATV’s require a lot of
care and maintenance but they will give you a good feeling in life that
cannot be matched. I have discussed Water damage and how to prevent it,
good riding spots and how to care for the major parts of your ATV. I have
also told about the the renewed interest of ATV stadium riding and racing. I
have not tried this but it may be fun. Please though observe all rules and
safety protocols to prevent injury or death. If you respect the laws and use
common sense and care ATV riding and racing can be an enjoyable

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