Essay on Hitler, Mussolini, And Stalin

Essay on Hitler, Mussolini, And Stalin

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Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin…..

     These three names have a vast impact on the idea of dictatorship. These men established dictatorship and guided this type of rule throughout most of their lives. Dictatorship is a form of government in which absolute power is exercised and practiced by one person without hereditary right or the free consent of the citizens living in the country. It takes a person with a lot of courage and grit to become a dictator. These three proletariats possessed that exact power to become a dictator. Their childhoods had a massive impression on what they turned out to be.
     Adolf Hitler was born in the April of 1889. In 1895, at the age of six, two important incidents occurred in the life of the young Hitler. One was that the unrestrained, lighthearted days he enjoyed up to now had come to an end. Hitler had entered a primary school. The second occurrence was that his father retired on a annual support from the Austrian civil service. This meant that young Adolf had been under the watchful eyes of both his teacher at school and his father at home. His father, Alois, was used to giving orders and having them obeyed from his kids because of his occupation in the civil service. Therefore, he was very strict. Alois Hitler never had a pleasant relationship with any of his children.
Hitler was said to have a really good singing voice and took part in his school’s choir. He also was a very smart boy, doing well in school.
Hitler was very religious, idolizing his priests. At age nine, he was caught smoking a cigarette by one of his priests but was forgiven and had no punishment.
Hitler was obsessed with German Nationalism when he was in school.
Hitler once said of himself that he was an argumentative ring leader who liked to stay outside and hang around tough boys. Although his toughness, he had a hobby of drawing. He was a expertise at artistry. Hitler had the ability to look at a building, memorizing the details, and accurately sketching it on paper, all by memory. After his grade school was over, Hitler wanted to go to a classical school to become an artist. His father, however, objected, and the two had many, many arguments about Adolf’s future. Hitler’s dream was to graduate from an art school in Vienna and become a professional artist. Sadly, ...

... middle of paper ... very bright and smart during their childhoods and received very high grades in school. Two of the three, Hitler and Stalin, had special singing talents that helped them reach their respective school choirs. All three were greatly religious as children and went to church. Two of the three, Hitler and Mussolini, had difficult times with their families, especially with their fathers. Mussolini and Stalin had brutal tempers, both throwing rocks and fighting with others. Each of these men looked up to and depended on each other for ideas of dictatorship.
The fact that these three men had very similar childhoods could lead to the inference that a person’s childhood can produce a great effect on what they become or how they act when they grow up to be adults. Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin are perfect examples of that notion. Hopefully, in the present and future, we will not have any type of horrifying or barbarous dictators anywhere in the world. The lives of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin show us what kind of effect they had on their countries at the time of their rule. We do not know what kind of terrifying act will show up if these type of men come into power in the world.

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