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Student Observation Report Essay

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The names in this Observation Report have been changed to protect the privacy of the parents and the child.

Student’s Name : Calvin
Sex : Male
Place of Observation : Inside the classroom of County Preschool.
Time of Observation : In the morning, 10.30 a.m. and it was a sunny day.

General View :

• The classroom was pretty well organized ( clean, tidy and many facilities
inside such as books, games, a computer and so on )
• It was a pretty large group in the class, 13 children were there and the
teacher was present as well.
• It was an engaged class, where the students were actively engaged in
Activities Observed :

• Class discussion
• Individual seat work

Other Information : Calvin does not understand English.

Aspect: Social / Emotional

The teacher took
something on the back of
the class, and the boy
followed her from behind,
leaving his group.

According to
Milestones by The
Kennedy Krieger
Institute, the moods of
the children this age,
change rapidly and

Aspect: Motor / Sensory Skill

The boy run to the
computer corner and he
get the chance to use the
computer, followed by his

The Kennedy Krieger
Institute again in its
Milestones tells us that
the children between 4-6
years have tons of
energy that they need for
dressing up, riding,
running, etc.

Aspect: Social / Emotional

The boy accepted the
teacher’s guidance to
operate the computer.

Wood, Bruner and Ross
tells us that the type of
help that is needed by
the five years old
children is by giving more
Also, according to
Vygotsky, the learning
process should be done
through the guided

Aspect:Motor / Sensory Skill

The boy controlled the
mouse with his hand,
while his eyes focused on
the screen.

The Kennedy Krieger
Institute tells us that the
children this age has the
ability to handle objects
within the hand is more
adult like.

Aspect: Motor / Sensory Skill

The boy played with
words spelling game in
the computer.

Erikson tells us that for
the children this age, it’s
time for play, not for

... middle of paper ...

...think I
can conclude that his development generally appropriate according to his
The advantages and disadvantages of naturalistic observation as an assessment
tool for studying human development.

The advantages are as follows :

It allows the researcher to directly observe the subject in a natural setting.

It is easier for research participants to be involved in the research.

The disadvantages are as follows :

It can be difficult to determine the exact cause of a behavior and the
experimenter cannot control for outside variables.

It can cause demand characteristics in the research participants as they
may behave how they think the researcher wants them to.
How would I use this kind of research in the future?

By making such a research and sharing them with the other professionals and
parents, I hope I can help them understanding pretty accurately what a student
dynamic exist in the class and in turn improves the teacher’s quality instruction
based on the needs of every student. I can also ask more information on how a
student behaves at home from his parent so it can enrich the data needed for the

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