Essay on High School Dialogue

Essay on High School Dialogue

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High School Dialogue

ME- So much to do so little time. What did he say? What paper? Oh crap I have a doctor’s appointment at 4 o’clock. I forgot to tell coach. I’m in trouble. Did I leave the curling iron on, mom’s gonna kill me. Ohh I forgot to wash the dishes last night. What paper is he talking about? I did my biology, Spanish and that paper for theology. I wonder if I have to work next Friday. Hopefully I get out of the doctors on time, my boss hates it when I’m late but I should be okay I don’t start till 6 o’clock. I hope we don’t get a lot of homework. I really need some sleep 4 hours is just not cutting it. School work, practice, eat, sleep I have no life. I just want to go home.

#1-So what’s going on with your research paper? I haven’t heard anything from you yet.

ME- As if I don’t have enough to worry about. They act like we only have one subject. They don’t understand how difficult it is to have a job do your homework and be at practice on time. They say get involved, well ya know what there are only so many hours in a day. No but if I cut out sleep then maybe I can get it all done. If they wouldn’t raise tuition maybe I wouldn’t have to work maybe I would have some time to relax. And another thing I can’t stand…is having the same teacher for two different subjects. Like when it’s English talk about English and when it’s drama don’t talk about English. I mean I’m stressed out enough. They seriously need to give us a break.

#2-Ms. Moser do you have a b...

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