Essay on Hamlet and Macbeth and the new King of England

Essay on Hamlet and Macbeth and the new King of England

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Hamlet and Macbeth and the new King of England

The Kings in both Hamlet and Macbeth represents good and the men that want to destroy the monarchy, are evil. Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, and Duncan, King of Scotland in Macbeth, are both killed, but avenged for the good of country. King Hamlet was a good, brave ruler, yet Claudius is a shrewd politician and manipulator, only interested in the throne. Just like Hamlet, we are somewhat uncertain as to whether or not Claudius has killed the King. The character Macbeth’s only greedy concern is in the throne as well, and we know for sure that he definitely kills the King for his own covetous interests.
Shakespeare’s most violent tragedy, Macbeth is about a brave Scottish general who receives a prophecy that one day he would become the king of Scotland. Obsessed by ambition and encouraged by his wife, Macbeth invites the King to his home and murders good King Duncan and takes the throne of the King of Scotland. “Throughout, [Macbeth] the defenders of righteousness are associated with positive images of natural order and with patriarchal control. Duncan rewards his subjects by saying ‘I have begun to plant thee, and will labor/To make thee full of growing’ (1.4. 28-29)” (Bevington 713). Because Macbeth is filled with thoughts of guilt and fear, he quickly becomes a vicious, brutal tyrant, who commits more and more murders to protect himself from the hostility and distrust of the people.
Hamlet is the story of a young prince whose...

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