Genetic Engineering Research Paper

Genetic Engineering Research Paper

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I. Introduction
      In the past three decades, scientists have learned how to mix and match characteristics among unrelated creatures by moving genes from one creature to another. This is called “genetic engineering.” Genetic Engineering is prematurely applied to food production. There are estimates that food output must increase by 60 percent over the next 25 years to keep up with demand. Thus, the result of scientist genetically altering plants for more consumption. The two most common methods for gene transfer are biological and electromechanical. “Early experiments all involved changing DNA using bacterial vectors”(Randerson, 2001). Through other advances scientists proclaim how they can improve the human gene pool. All humans have genes which carry certain traits structuring a person’s chemical make-up. "Inheritable characteristics are passed from one generation to the next through DNA, a molecule that is present in all of our cells”(Massey,2001).

     Gene Engineering could be used in various ways trying to improve humans. “Gene modifications can have an impact solely on a single person (somatic manipulation), or on a person's children and all subsequent descendants (germline manipulation). Somatic manipulation seeks to change the genetic makeup of particular body in somatic cells that comprise the organs and tissues. Germline genetic manipulation changes the sex cells which can modify the health of a child”(Hayes, 2000). Many applications of human genetic technology are favorable and hold great potential for preventing diseases and alleviating suffering. Other applications open the door to a human future of robot like humans. My research of genetics promises to make designer children possible, either through selective breeding or actual modification of genes. With the human genetic engineering parents can have the ability to alter the genes they pass to their children. Just think you can have your own Michael Jordan become your child using gene manipulation. Scientists raise the spectra of gene modified athletes. In gene manipulation athletes could genetically modify themselves with performance enhancing DNA. “One possibility would be to inject the gene for eythropoietin (EPO), a protein that boosts red blood cell count. This allows an athlete's blood to carry more oxygen”(Randerson, 2001). “And far-fetched as it may seem, we may be watching ge...

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...usually between unrelated species of plants, animals, bacteria, viruses, and humans. Although the impact of genetics is still unclear, if the more optimistic predictions of scientists are realized, then impact on the overall pattern of healthcare could improve.   Whether this will be in the interests of patients’ health is debatable.  It is certainly vital that anyone who is concerned with the future of medicine. The success rate for all applications of genetic engineering is vanishingly small. Human genetic engineering must be put in use for advances in reproductive technology and not to become available with bad intentions or misguided choices.

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