Gay Marriage: A Modern Soddom and Gomorra Essay

Gay Marriage: A Modern Soddom and Gomorra Essay

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        Gay parenting and marriage has become publicly accepted by some and rejected by others. Many have come to believe this topic to be immoral and impossible. Society has also realized that the average family has developed into many different forms in the last few years. Gay families have developed and are perceived today that raising kids without both a Mom and Dad, deprives the child from being introduced to both worlds. The approach to this debated topic will be to analyze and to defend the “cons” of gay parenting and marriage.

     Ever since the beginning of creation, God made man and woman to reproduce and create humanity. God never in between allowed or said that same sex marriage was permissible or was the natural way to create a generation. For example in Genesis chapter 19 the story of Sodom and Gomorrah explained the wickedness of the city that mainly strived from homosexuality. Genesis 19:5- And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? Bring them out unto us that we may know them. The city’s perverseness made God infuriated and led to the destruction of that city turning it into fire and brimstone. This gives evidence that homosexuality is a religious sin, which is analogous to many other Biblical prohibitions, like committing adultery which transgresses ethics.

     According to the Bible, Deuteronomy 32:46- And he said unto them, Set your hearts unto all the words which I testify among you this day, which ye shall command your children to observe to do, all the words of this law. It is impossible to raise children when both parents are the same sex because it isn’t natural and goes against biblical standards. In addition, children won’t have the example from their parents to do different than they do and make better decisions that please God.

     Some issues that are argued on the topic of gay parenting is that gay parenting is no different from heterosexual parenting." Many studies have stated this, but, according to University of Chicago's professor of ethics and social sciences Don Browning, none of these studies were absolute. Other studies show that children raised by homosexuals were more unhappy with their own gender, had more frequent homosexual experiences , and endured a greater rate of molestation by family members (CT). Societies, both gay and straight, view gay paren...

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... children
     A. Unnatural way of same-sex parents
     B. Children have the influence

IIII. Issues Argued
     A. Gay parenting is no different from heterosexual parenting
          1. Greater rate of molestation
     B. Bonding is only for heterosexuals
     C. Going against society

V. Children and Parents
     A. Same-sex marriage deprives children
     B. Trouble with sexual identity

VI. Child Harassment
     A. Preparing the child
     B. Conflict between best interest
     C. Damaging self esteem

VII. Gay marriage and legal rights
     A. States approving gay marriage
     B. Legal marriage in Denmark

VIII. Society and Gay rights
     A. Owning children
     B. Divorce in court
     C. Government opposing gay marriage

VIIII. Real reasons for opposing gay marriage
     A. Aren’t comfortable with the idea
     B. Goes against religion
     C. Marriage is sacred
     D. Gay sex is unnatural
     E. They could recruit

X. Conclusion
     A. Negative influence on children
     B. Soddom and Gomorra
     C. Set Boundaries

Works Cited          

Christian Science Moniter. 2004. Staff of Christian Science Moniter. 10 October 2004

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