Gang Violence And Substance Abuse Essay

Gang Violence And Substance Abuse Essay

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Gangs in the United States are becoming more violent and deadly than
ever. Thousand of people are dying each year from these ill-mannered
thugs. In today's societies gang activity is an everyday occurrence
whether it includes violence, drugs, death or any illegal activity in
which they participate. The research that I have conducted will focus on
how the selling of drugs by gangs members can lead to violence/death and
how turf wars between rival gang can also lead to death.
In recent years the selling of drugs has increased in the world of gang
members. It is their primary economical way to acquire money to support
themselves and their family. In doing so, they are destroying people's
lives. Gang members will stop at nothing to sell their drugs for a
profit, even if it means that they have to hurt or kill someone. They
will sell drugs to anyone as long as they make their money.
A gang member must have street knowledge and have the skill to protect
themselves as well as their profit. This kind of activity is extremely
dangerous to others, innocent

bystanders and even the gang member themselves. There are many ways that
this activity is dangerous.
Gang members may front (give the customer some drugs in which they have
a certain time to repay the cost of the drugs back) the drug to a
customer whom they believe to be a loyal customer. This can be very
deadly if the customer
does not pay the gang member back. If the front is not repaid the gang
member or the whole gang will come looking for the person who owes
money. The gang members will hunt down and hurt or even go as far as
kill the person the first chance they get if the person is found. If
they can't find the person they will go the extra mile and threaten to
kill someone in the person family. They want to make it known that a
payment is due and soon.
If a gang or a member is jacked (drugs stolen, usually at gunpoint)from
another person, gang or junkie, it too is an automatic death sentence.
Gangs are always strapped (armed) and ready for anything that might go
wrong. Their number one priority is to preserve the drugs well being and
to alleviate their quantity of drug to make a profit. If a person
interferes with this process they are interfering

with their business. That means they have to suffer the consequences
that will follow from it.
While a gang is in the process of selling drugs they must be ...

... middle of paper ... no means of moving on to a better and much cleaner one. I
wonder why that is?
I believe that gangs affect human development. People are affected by
their irresponsible actions. The ordinary people who want to live life
to the fullest have a hard time doing so because gangs interrupt that
cycle by their attitude and by their violent actions. People are scared
of them and don't want to come into contact because they fear for their
lives. They won't even pass through their neighborhood because they
don't want any trouble.
Businesses suffer because of gangs. They lose business and customers and
as a result the business may have to close down. The neighborhood the
gangs live in are worth nothing on the markets because they are all run
down and in a neighborhood that is considered a bad section of town.
There is no prosperity in selling the neighborhood because there is no
one interested in buying it. The reason is because the fact that it is
gang territory and that it is run down. Gangs affect many people and
their lives and will continue to do so because I believe that they will
always exist and they will never come to an end because people are
sucked into this lifestyle every day.

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