Essay about Fate And Feminism

Essay about Fate And Feminism

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Fate And Feminism

In both Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and The Kitchen God's Wife by
Amy Tan, the reader is pushed to understand the nature of feminists in
a new way. This purpose is carried out with the use of multiple
feminist characters, a drastic change in a characters outlook on their
situation, and the concept of making your own destiny. The
protagonists in both of these literary works is female, and they are
amazingly similar considering Shaw wrote Pygmalion eighty seven years
before The Kitchen God's Wife was published in 1991.
Both of these works use several feminist characters to help the reader
understand the theme. At the start of Pygmalion, Liza is 'quite a
common girl' (35, Shaw) and Higgins treats her as if she is a new toy.
He degrades her, calls her 'horribly dirty' ...

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