Dont Judge a Book by the Cover Essay

Dont Judge a Book by the Cover Essay

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You Can’t Tell

Many people feel that you can tell a lot about a person by observing what they wear and what they eat. This is not the case. Choice of clothing and eating habits, in no way, allow you to pass judgment on a person. Judging people based on these factors is extremely shallow. What one wears and eats in no way depicts character, behavior, or even intelligence. One simply cannot know a person by looking at them and observing what they eat. Such a thought is ridiculous.
     Instead of looking at clothing and what one is eating, character should be the basis for opinion. Judging a book by the cover only leads to surprises, and in this case, judging a human by dress can lead to surprises as well. Just because a man or woman may not dress as nicely, they’re not necessarily bad or even poor. The particular individual may not care what anyone thinks. They may dress a certain way just so people will pass judgment on them, some may just want the attention. This is often the case. One’s appearance can lead to many false judgments. By saying someone is a bum because of what they eat or wear shows total ignorance. If a person did nothing to better their situation, they can be considered bums. If the person has good character and is just going through a rough time, passing judgment because of clothing and what they eat is wrong. The person one may think is a bum may be the best worker around, with the most character. Without getting to know a per...

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