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Essay on Donald Trump

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Donald Trump
Donald Trump is not only one of the world’s richest men, but one of its most recognizable. Despite a privileged upbringing, he did not inherit anything, and went on to fame and fortune thanks to his business accomplishments and natural instincts.
     Donald Trump, born in June, 14 1946, in Queens, New York, is the fourth of five children of Frederick C. and Mary Macleod Trump (Mortiz, 1987, p.23). His father was a builder and real estate developer who specialized in constructing and operating middle-inome apartments in the Queens, Staten Island, and Brooklyn. Donald was a round, fleshy baby, filled with energy (Tuccille, 1986, p.34). He was a bright kid who did well in most of his subjects, but he enjoyed squirting soda and flinging erasers at teachers more than studying for exams. His parents sent him off to New York Military Academy at age thirteen, hoping that school would set him straight. He did well at the academy, socially and academically. Donald’s best friend during his early years of school was his two-year younger brother, Robert. He did not look up to his older brother Freddie, rather he saw him as someone to compete with for his fathers throne, which he knew was already his. His oldest sister, Maryanne, acted like a mother towards him rather than an older sister (Mortiz, 1987, p.36)
     During his summer breaks, Donald would work with his father and later join the company. He impressed his father with his quick mind and natural instinct. During that time, his father announced the start of a 3,000-unit apartment complex to be built on 40 acres in Coney Island (O’Donnel, 1991, p.67). Donald practically lived at the construction site when he was not attending school at the New York Military Academy in 1964 as a honor cadet four out of five years there (O’Donnel, 1991, p.73) He was expected to attend college before going to work with his father fulltime. The college of his choice was Fordham College located in the Northern section of the Bronx. While attending school there, he wanted to stay off campus as much as possible; there fore he did not join any social clubs or fraternities. At age eighteen he had learned a lot about real estate, he wanted to put his studies behind to work with his father. However his father insisted that he obtain a degree, something he never did. Donald tra...

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...fter they divorced due to many problems dealing with business and social life. They were married for thirteen years. Soon later Donald met a young lady named Marla Maples that he had an affair with and soon later married. Maples being his second wife later divorced him. They had a daughter together named Tiffany who was born in 1993. The affair with Marla Maples brought up many controversial topics, including the accusation of womanizing.
     Donald Trump being one of the wealthiest person in the world, filed for bankruptcy. He filed for bankruptcy because even though he had a lot of investments, they were not of cash. Most of his values were considered assets like his five casinos which he calls his piggy banks. Present day Donald Trumps is still building his dream, his empire. In 1999 he threw in his hat for presidential nomination, exploring the possibility of becoming the president. (Ask men, 2002, paragraph #8) He was not nominated for the 2000 presidential candidate. Donald Trump also runs beauty pagents for young American women. He has built a casino in Korea, and expects to further expand his empire internationally. (Ask men, 2002, paragraph #10)

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