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Analysis of the Movie, Disclosure Essay

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Disclosure is a drama/thriller. The genre for this movie states, “Sex is Power”. Tom is a happily married man, a successful computer expert, and works for a major computer company “Digicom”, which is about to merge. He believes he is going to receive a promotion because of all his devotion and work for the company. Instead the job goes to Meredith, who is from another plant and with whom he was romantically involved in his bachelor days. She is now his new boss, who is very aggressive, sexy and dedicated to destroy him after he refuses to have an affair with her. She files sexual harassment under false pretenses, he charges her on the same charges however he is telling the truth. Once this is over with, Tom needs to solve a major production problem set up by Meredith. He gathers evidence against her not only proving she was the one that sexually harassed him but also she was the cause of the conspiracy in “Digicom”. Meredith is fired and Tom continues his work for the company.
Meredith and Tom have entered a race to be in control at the firm. In general both of them have to have similar personality traits in order to have reached as high as they have in the company. There have been various events that are the deciding factors of who will make or break it; their specific personality characteristics will be the deciding point as to who will come out on top.
Both Meredith and Tom show internal locus of control. Internal locus of control is believing that their own behavior and actions are the leading reasons for your life’s outcome (pg. 45). They believe in working hard to move up and if they cannot accomplish something it is because they are not trying hard enough. Tom starts to waver between internal and external locus of control through out the movie. When he was on the fairy to work he met a man that had been laid off and gave him a card and told him to call about job possibilities. On his way home he saw the man that had been looking for a job and Tom did not talk to him, it seemed that since he was passed up for a promotion and was not guaranteed his current position he felt he would be looking for a new job too. He did not feel he was in control of things since he worked so hard and was passed up. Another turn in his locus of control was in the sexual harassment case. As things get harder with the sexual harassment case and his files are taken...

... middle of paper ... has higher level of authority and the reaction it had on the whole entire structure of the organization. Management styles and specific personality traits can also play a role in leading to rise or fall of someone’s career. In the end good moral tactics paid off and the organization was placed in the hands of moral management.

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