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Unhappy Life Essay

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Life Stinks?
     To better oneself, the only human condition that continues to appear no matter who you look at in most modern civilization. The process in which people better them self is they base their condition on the amount of material things that you have. This not only a bad way to judge ones importance it is the exact way of how to judge ones unhappiness or unsatisfactoryness with ones current life. People spend their entire life trying to better them self and with each accomplishment is met with the same problem as before, “I am still not happy.” The void that people feel inside, like they are not complete, cant be filled with materialistic things. This longing that is there after accomplish or get some material thing is what make life unsatisfactory. This is a grand doctrine of the Buddha. In fact it is one of his four noble truths. By using those truths. That life is dukkha ( unsatisfactory), This suffering is caused, Can be healed, and the way to roughhouses is through the eight fold path. These four truths can help explain why man can never seem to be truly satisfied.
     The first of these truths is that life is unsatisfactory. This is the hardest for people to admit. That they are not happy there is always something that hey want or need that they don not or can not have. Most people have to have a shelter and food to live but people go and get more like a elaborate house and th...

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