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The Deer
     The deer has been around as long as man can remember. It has always been in
North and South America, and not that long ago was brought to Europe. The deer has
been hunted for centuries by Stone Age man, American Indians, and now modern day
hunters. The weapons used to hunt deer have changed as time goes on. They were
hunted with rocks by Stone Age man, with spears and hand crafted bow and arrows by
the Indians, with guns and still today the bow and arrow by modern day hunters. The
purpose of my paper is to discuss the types of deer in the world today, what habitat they
live in, their instincts or habits, the over population of the whitetail deer in the United
States, and the large sport of hunting deer.
     Their are three major types of deer in the world today. There is the whitetail deer,
mule deer, and blacktail deer. The whitetail is the most popular of the three. The
whitetail deer is broken up into many different species. The northwestern whitetail,
Texas whitetail, northeastern whitetail, southeastern whitetail, Coues whitetail, Mexican
whitetail, and the Key whitetail are all the species in the America’s today. the mule deer
is only broken into two different species. The Rocky Mountain mule deer and the desert
mule deer are the two species. The blacktail deer is broken into two species also. There
is the Sitka blacktail and the Columbia blacktail (Lawrence 60-62).
     Deer can live and flourish in just about any habitat. They are the only large animal
that lives every where in North America. Deer live in most of Central America and in
many parts of South America. The whitetail deer inhabits Central America, Mexico, all
the U.S. except Alaska and Hawaii, southern Canada, and South America. Recently
have been brought to Europe, the West Indies, and New Zealand. The mule deer lives
in southwestern Canada, twenty two U.S. states, northwestern Coahuila,
northern Chihuahua, northern Sonora, Texas, Arizona, northern Mexico, and southern
California. The blacktail deer mainly inhabits the Pacific Coast. It lives between
southwestern Alaska and southern California. In the north the blacktail lives in
Vancouver, British Colombia, islands of Queen Charlotte, and have been brought to the
islands in Prince William Sound. Towards the south the blacktail lives in California ...

... middle of paper ... an outcry 62).
     What you should have learned in this paper is the types of deer that live in the
world today, what habitat deer live in, their habits, the over population of the whitetail
deer in the United States, and the large sport of hunting deer. I just got into bow hunting
last year, that is why I decided to do the deer for my term paper. I was introduced to bow
hunting by my cousins in New Jersey. I went down there to visit last year and my
cousins are the best bow hunters in the state of New Jersey. In the I.B.O tournaments
the last three years one of them has come in first and the other in second every year.
They were so happy that I wanted to start bow hunting they set me up and gave me all
the goods. They brought me out hunting and in twenty minutes one of them had a doe.
Since then I have been buying all the equipment I need and practicing every week. I
think deer are wonderful animals and I hope to bag one this year. If you are never not
sure about getting into the sport, do it, its the best thing I ever did. Even if you are
against the killing of deer go out some day and just sit in the woods and watch them they
are gracious animals.

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