Essay on debate against war with Iraq

Essay on debate against war with Iraq

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Side: Against
Topic: War

I.     One page response
a. Debate points

II.     Two page response
a.     Introduction
b. Debate points
c. Conclusion

War is defined for some as an armed conflict between two nations over a disputed situation, and is needed when there is nothing else that can be done. A natural occurrence that repeats it’s self through out time. While others feel that war is an unnecessary dispute, that leads to nothing but destruction, and that there are always other solutions that can be made; that peace should come before all else.
I am on the most part against this war with Iraq. I feel that it is pointless. The reasons we are fighting this war are not clear. If Saddam Hussein is so dangerous than why I s he only ranked third in the “ Ten Worst Living Dictators”? Why are we not doing anything about the leader of North Korea who is ranked number one? He has let vast number of citizens to starve to death, and incarcerated many others whose only crime was being born. Besides that what about the King and Crowned Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia who uses outrageous punishments over the simplest things. You can get flogged twenty times for using a cell phone on a plane. They also have terrible conditions and unequal rights for women. If women are to even walk alone on a street it is considered being suspected as a moral offender and can be beaten or detained. Also last Mar...

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