Essay about Death Penalty Is The Best

Essay about Death Penalty Is The Best

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I believe that the death penalty is the best and fairest punishment for


who have taken other people's lives. Here are some interesting facts about

the death

penalty. Did you know that 70% of all Americans support the death penalty?

Murder rates have also been down since the death penalty was reinforced.


rehab techniques are so underdeveloped that no one is ever certain that a


can be rehabilitated (supporting capital).

First of all, if someone has taken someone else's life, in most cases their


should be taken also. If a person is so imcompassionate for human beings

and just

doesn't care what happens to anyone; if they are sick enough to take the

life of

someone else, their life should be taken also.

Second of all, would you rather pay for someone to be in prison for life in


environment that is most likely better than where they were if they weren't


You can argue that capital punishment costs more tax dollars. However, would


rather pay for someone who has brutally taken the life of someone else to

die than

have them stay in a prison that is nicer than where they would be on the

street if they

weren't in prison? For example, Consider crime as a career alternative. It

is, you

know. Granted it's not a viable alternative for me or you. The consequences

of being

caught would be far too great -- we have too much to lose. But consider, of

all the

things we're not willing to risk sacrificing, there...

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