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     The purpose of the case study is to examine the concepts and ideas that Anthony Ng used to somewhat develop a digital database system. “The Hong Kong architectural industry had derived enormous gains from the unparallel economic success in real estate and stock market speculation”(CABC, 2000).This new economic surge caused much stress to come in contact with the architectural profession This stress was to produce quantity instead of quality designs. This was to meet demands of the rapidly growing society, causing building to be built by the masses. This is not the way “Anthony Ng Architects Ltd” wanted to run their business, it was not the way the corporation did business.
     Anthony Ng, was the managing director for “Anthony Ng Architects Ltd”. His goal for the company as managing director was to develop a highly advanced EDMS, a paperless office. This paperless office would allow the architects to spend more time on designing, and less on paperwork. His plan was to have “in place an Intranet and a web-based document management system when they moved into the new office”(CABC, 2000). Anthony main goal or primary objective was that this new paperless office will increase his corporation get back to creating quality designs as well as a quality of them. The new paperless office will allow for better communication both outside as well as inside the corporation. Also would allow for the architects to focus on designing instead of paperwork.
A) Change in Communication Patterns:
     While Anthony was aware of some of the potential setbacks that are going to show up in the process of changing the style of communication, I feel that he did not cover all the essentials. A very important issue that Anthony may have overlook, called dismemberment. “Dismemberment can be described as the challenge of technological incompatibility”(Sutton, 1996). This can happen frequently in large corporations such as
Anthony Ng Architects Limited, when there are many different departments or divisions communicating together. What happens is that each division needs to make sure that they are all using to same programs to communicate.      
     If would have been good for Anthony to make sure that the EDMS ...

... middle of paper ...

...sp;  All data recovery covers is back ups to all the documents that a stored in the system. Backups are critical to protect valuable data. All thought the expertise is needed, to be sure that important data is safely backed up. This is goes back to the importance of the planning stage to make sure that this area is covered before hand.
     The loss of imporatant and valuable data or records can cause huge problems to corporations. Data recovery should be one of the most important aspects of you EDM system. This is what Anthony’s plan was missing for his corporation. For example if Anthony’s plan had gone into effect with no data recovery system, what would have happen if important documents were lost to the design of a new building. This problem would have cause the corporation to question if they made the right decision to switch to an EDM system.

     Anthony was correct in understanding that his Architectural firm need to move to and EDM system. For a business to be competitive in today growing economical market, it is important to focus more on the product then the documents relating to the business.

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