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     Walls can be protected and enhanced quite simply without the mess of paint, wallpaper, and tile, ect. Applying Moulding to ones walls today is very easy and comes in large variety of styles and materials. It also adds architectural interest and a finished look to the room, which conveniently hides settling cracks and nails. When customize with a treatment it will fit any decor.
Types of moulding:
·     Architectural molding
a.     Made of polystyrene or polyurethane
b.     With large profiles that mimic the look of built-up moulding
c.     Will not warp, rot or split
d.     Low maintenance material that saws and works just like wood
e.     Lighter than hardwood for easier handling

·     Veneer hardwood moulding
a.     Made by wrapping finger jointed pine moulding with a veneer of real oak, cherry or maple
b.     The veneer is wrapped all the way around to the back completely obscuring the pine base once installed
c.     The elegance of hardwood moulding at a significant savings
·     Prefinished moulding
a.     Made from polystyrene
b.     Lower cost than wood moulding
c.     Comes ready to install

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