Creationism and the Classroom Essay

Creationism and the Classroom Essay

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Creationism and the Classroom
     The American classroom is suffering from a major deficiency. The science curriculum supports one theory of evolution and no other theory as to how the existence of the universe has come to be. This narrow-minded approach has kept many young minds from seeing a very broad picture of this world.
     Scientific creationism should be included in our public school curriculum because it is paramount to the progress of modern science. Duane Gish, who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry from Berkeley, says, “…neither creation nor evolution may be referred to as scientific theory since neither can offer eyewitness evidence of what happened in the past.” Gish further states, “Both are ultimately based upon inferences derived from circumstantial evidence. As such, they remain on an equal footing and should receive equal time in public classrooms in the United States”
     Creationism assumes there is a Creator who designed the universe with purpose and gave the universe direction. This theory can be put into our classrooms without being abrasive to the U.S. Constitution, so long as it is treated as science. Gish says, “Science can tell us nothing of who the Creator is, why the universe was created, or anything about the relationship of the things created to the Creator.” Without creationism in the public school system, students are left only to learn about evolution, which can be considered as religion. Gish explains, “…evolution is a non-theistic theory of origins which by definition excludes the intervention of an outside agency of any kind. Evolutionists believe that by employing natural laws and processes plus nothing it is possible to the origin of the universe and of all that it contains. This involves the acceptance of a particular philosophical metaphysical world view and is thus basically religious in nature.”
     Just as evolutionism has been accepted by many in the religious community as religion, creationism has been accepted by many in the science community as science. Ker C. Thompson is a former Director of the U.S. Air Force Terrestrial Sciences Laboratory. He holds a B.A. in Physics and Geology from the University of British Columbia and DSc in Geophysics from the Colorado School of Mines. Thompson believes that the only way ...

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...the only theory for the origin of the universe taught to our students, then our country is in danger of a scientific freeze. Without challenges to such theories, the students come away with unfair, one-sided views. If those views are not challenged in a scientific arena, as opposed to the students’ places of worship, then the students will not see any other views as science. Our students will take this lopsided understanding into adulthood. This understanding then has the danger of becoming dogmatic to our population. The progress of science will slow down without public challenges and governmental support.


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