The Contributions of the Iroquois Essay

The Contributions of the Iroquois Essay

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The Contributions of the Iroquois

The Native American Indian tribe called the Iroquois contributed greatly toward America. They have many stories about the world, and how things came to be the way they are. They have one story about the creation of the world. They use oral traditional elements in this story which is represented by nature. They also use a romantic aspect, which is represented by God’s and the super natural.
In the beginning there were two worlds. The lower world, and the upper world. Everything existed in total darkness. The upper world was to hold mankind, and the lower world was where all of the monsters lived. A woman gave birth too twins. One twin was the good mind and the other was the evil mind. The good mind wanted to continue with creation, while the evil mind wanted the world to remain in it’s natural state of darkness.
The good mind creates rivers, creeks, bushes, animals, and humans. This brings the oral traditional elements of their respect for nature. Mountains and valleys were created. The good mind kept destroying what ever he created for fear it was not perfect. Traces of animals from the beginning of time were left in the rocks known as fossils. The moon and the sun were created. Both the good and the evil mind attempted to create mankind. When the evil mind tries to create mankind he messes up and accidentally creates apes. When the evil mind is unable to create mankind as the good mind does, he becomes angry with him. The twin...

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