Essay on Conforming To The Ways Of The World

Essay on Conforming To The Ways Of The World

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Conforming to the Ways of the World

     These days, the brand of clothes we wear and the corporate logos that are on clothes, can tell a person the type of people we want to be associated with and where we stand on the social ladder. Children, teenagers, and adults allow themselves to help advertise for fashion designers by wearing corporate logos because wearing these logos gives them a sense of belonging to a certain group of people, social status, or a so-called “in crowd.” Corporate logos are the fashion trend for the present, but just like every popular fashion trend in the past, the corporate logo trend will soon no longer exist.
Fashion is a topic that affects people of all ages. From elementary school children to adults, the fashion world has made everyone corporate slaves. Parents dress kids in the latest trends so that their children can be liked by the other kids in their classes. Children are easily influenced by designer clothes because it is the best way for them to be accepted into a social circle of desire. They are also easily influenced by their favorite musician, athlete, and even cartoons. Parents and kids alike, will do whatever it takes to be at the highest social level possible. When the fashion trend changes the next school year, the parents will buy their children a whole new wardrobe, just so their kids can stay at a high social level.
Teenagers, as well as elementary school children, will do anything to be at the top of ...

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