Essay about Comparison of Original Blade Runner film and Directors Cut

Essay about Comparison of Original Blade Runner film and Directors Cut

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     Choosing a movie, do you take notice to whether it is a Director’s cut, the original version, or simply grab the chosen movie and pop it in taking no notice of which version is in hand? Is there even a difference? Because a director’s cut is simply a version of a movie with various cuts made by the director’s choosing, if watching both versions of Ridley Scott’s, “Blade Runner,” the subtle differences in several of the scenes will become apparent, although the scene layout and plot remains the same throughout both versions.
     The very first difference is probably the most noticeable and important difference between the two versions of the film: the narration of Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) at various spots throughout the original version. Scott chose to keep this out for a really good reason. Most think that having a narration is simply a way of cheating in your movie. Narration is pretty much saying that the movie sucks, so you it has to have a narrator tell the audience what is going on. Scott wanted his movie to speak for itself, not have a narrator do it. Also, he was probably trying to save his reputation as kind of an abstract guy. The narration tells us many things, such as that Deckard has an ex-wife. Deckard also tells us why he quit being a blade runner, saying that the killing was starting to get to him, but he decided to go back when asked, because he’d rather kill than be a victim. The narration also lets us know for a fact that Deckard has feelings for Rachael (Sean Young). This happens after he kills the exotic dancer. He says something about shooting a lady in the back, and also says how she reminded him of Rachael.
     Another difference between the two versions is in the director’s cut, when Deckard is playing, or attempting to play the piano. It’s a little hard for him to play when he’s drunk from drowning his sorrows, and while he is doing this he has a strange dream. The dream starts out in a forest with a beautiful white unicorn running on a path through the trees. The whole dream is in a type of slow-motion, with the unicorn’s mane flowing in the air. There is also a brilliant white light shining down through the canopy, which heightens the whiteness of the unicorn. This is a very vivid and detailed dream. The dream also explains the finding of the ...

... middle of paper ...

... to have a happy ending as closure, he wanted them to be left wondering, thinking, about what might happen to the two of them.
     As I previously mentioned, although the director’s cut and the original versions of a movie are generally the same, there are slight differences. Since a director’s cut excludes certain details from the original version, you may be missing out on some of what Hollywood loves to portray to their audiences. If you like to be challenged in your movie experience by having to think about what’s going on, or simply like seeing all the violence and gore of a viscous fight, piercing nail, or bloody eye-balls, you may want to take a second look at what version you are about to watch.

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