Comparison & Contrast of Windows & Windows ME Essay

Comparison & Contrast of Windows & Windows ME Essay

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Comparison and Contrast

Windows & Windows Me

Pamela R Kerr

NTC / 410

Richard Bohn

June 22, 2005

Comparison and Contrast Windows & Windows Me
This paper will identify comparison and contrast of Windows and Windows Me, which will include the program description, planning the scope and plan objectives, vocabulary definitions, project control, schedule of deliverables and resource requirements. When Windows first hit the market in 1985, it failed miserably. The over-priced, under-powered computers of the day busted a bearing over Windows¡¦ attempts at fancy graphics. Back then, Windows was not only slow. But, it also looked dorky and awkward with ugly colors. Windows has turned into a trendy best-seller installed on nearly every new computer.
What are Windows and Windows Me? Windows is just another piece of software, like the zillions of others lining the store shelves. I feel Windows is not a program in the normal sense, but it is something that lets you write letters or lets your coworkers play Bozark the Destroyer over the office network after everybody else goes home. Rather, Windows controls the way you work with your computer.
For years, computers have clung to a typewriter-style of work. Just as on a typewriter, people type letters and numbers into the computer. I have learned over the years that the computer listens and then places letters and numbers onto the screen and this time tested system works well. But, I also feel it takes a long time to learn and it is as boring as reading the ingredients on a jar of reduced fat peanut butter.
The method is boring because computer engineers designed computers for other engineers many moons ago. They thought that computers would be forever isolated in narrow hallways where somber youngsters with crew-cuts, clipboards and white lab coats jotted down notes while the big reels whirled. Nobody expected normal people to use computers especially not in their offices, their dens, or even in their kitchens.
„h Windows software dumps the typewriter analogy and updates the look of comput...

... middle of paper ...

...rds, and game controllers, Microsoft now offers a small but, very focused line of routers and network adapters designed specifically for home networks. What¡¦s on the Web Site: Microsoft¡¦s massive online knowledge base contains answers to nearly every PC technical problem ever recorded. You¡¦ll also find a wealth of product information, software updates, downloadable manuals, and a few nice tutorials on Windows networking.

Class notes and memorization from Database Management, NTC/360, NTC/410 & POS/420 (2004 & 2005).

Rathbone, A. (2000). Microsoft Windows Me, Millennium Edition
Safari Tech Books Online, (2005),
Windows & .NET Magazine (March, 1999).

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