Myrtle Beach vs. New York City Essay

Myrtle Beach vs. New York City Essay

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Myrtle Beach vs. New York City

     Picture a beautiful city surrounded by tall skyscrapers soaring into the clouds and the beautiful statue of liberty standing still on the water. You walk down the street passing hundreds of little shops and restaurants, all the while you are taken a back by the breathtaking beauty of the city that you are gazing upon. Now picture laying on the beach at sunset listening to the ocean waves. The air is crisp and the smell of saltwater is bitter sweet. The locations I’m describing are New York City and Myrtle Beach. I have 2500 dollars to take on vacation to one of these destinations and I am comparing and contrasting the two. I will be considering the cost of travel, food, hotel, and also activity and miscellaneous expenses.

     Both locations offer a wide variety of fun. Shopping, sightseeing, dance clubs, and scenery are among both places. To get to New York would take about nine and a half hour’s or approximately 554 miles. My car gets about 40 miles to the gallon and gas prices are about $2.30 a gallon. I would have to fill up twice to get to New York City and twice to get back, which would cost about $120.00. If I stayed for three nights and four days, I would need to set aside another $100.00 dollar’s for gas while traveling the city. If I traveled by plane it would cost $201.00 dollars round trip if tickets were purchased on

     Hotels in New York City are very costly especially near the holiday’s. After reviewing some hotels that were near Times Square, I chose to go with a three star hotel at the rate of $184.00 a night. For a total of three nights it would cost $552.00 tax included. That cost would include a room with two double beds, television, high speed internet access, a full kitchen, and a great view of Times Square.

     There are a wide variety of restaurants in New York City. You can eat cheap at places like Arturo’s Pizzeria, McHales, Hi Life, and Zen Palate just to name a few. On the other hand you don’t want to miss out on the celebrity owned restaurant’s like Fashion Café, Planet Hollywood, Tribeca Grill, and Nobu. Since I’m going to be staying for three whole days, we’ll just say that I will eat approximately three meals a day which is a total of nine meals. If I ate four of those meals at twenty dollars or less and the other five at seventy or less, I would need approx...

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...maining amount of $800.00 will be set aside for miscellaneous expenses such as extra gas money, or emergency situations’ like having a flat tire. My grand total in Myrtle Beach would also be the whole amount of $2500.00. Both, New York and Myrtle Beach are very alike in costs, but the city’s offer completely different experiences.

     Based on all the information I have obtained I now must make my decision on which one of these places I want to go. Since there really is not much of a difference in cost I am going to make my decision based upon what these places have to offer. New York offers great scenery that I have never laid my eyes upon. Myrtle Beach has great sightseeing also, but I have seen most of what it has to offer. I also wanted to go see a real Broadway show and they don’t have those in Myrtle. My decision is New York City. I want to take in as much of the city as I can. I want to see where the Trade Towers were and I want to see where they will stand again someday. I want to experience some of the things that the New York people experience on a daily basis, which are crowded streets, a great night life, and the chance of possibly running into someone famous.

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