How Education Impacts your Health Essay examples

How Education Impacts your Health Essay examples

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How Education Impacts your Health


     Assessing my community was a class project that revealed the core characteristics of my community. In this paper I will attempt to effectively discuss the results of the questionnaire. I will also attempt to compare my data with the overall class data that’s called the aggregate data. Finally I will explain how one of the variables affects us individually and collectively.


Today there are so many factors that affect the quality of health in our communities. In the project, I will assess the quality of health in my community. Throughout history the church has been a major factor and good starting point when attempting to understand the community. For this project I choose New Hope Baptist Church located at 284 Vine Street in Jackson, Ms pastured by Rev. Dock Cooper III. New Hope is located in area code 39206, and approximately 2 minutes from the Interstate 55, and 10 minutes from downtown Jackson. There are several churches located in this zip code (39206); also Highland Village shopping center is one of the more Up-scale shopping centers in Mississippi. This shopping center has over fifty stores, clothing jewelry, sporting and pharmacy. Schools are also spread out over this area Elementary, junior high and high schools. Jackson Academy is also located in the area, this school is widely known as one of the finest schools in Mississippi. Most of the homes and companies are old and are currently under re-construction. The population in the area is very high comprised of mostly middle-aged and young adults. The Jackson Police Department’s precinct #4 is located west of New Hope Baptist Church. Union Planters bank and Trust mark bank and a branch of the post office located in the center of the community. This community is well known as being in, “The Middle of everything”. And finally this is the community I have lived in the past 8 years.

     The title of this class project is, Assessing My Community’s Health. The project was to design a questionnaire using different variables and have 25 church members within my zip code to complete the questionnaire. An example of the questions asked, do you have medical coverage, what is your level of income, do you believe that education affects you health. With the data collected, I will use a meth...

... middle of paper ...

...ics clearly show the advantages of education in terms of better health. However, one must not overlook the fact that with the gain knowledge individuals tend to make better choices. Behavioral changes are the key to better health!
     People with more education have better physical and mental health; also education helps improve the overall quality of people’s lives. By helping people get better jobs, it reduces financial worries. It builds self-esteem, feeling of being in control; it also makes them critically aware of media messages about health. It contributes to health behaviors, such as moderate drinking, anti-smoking, according to the Institute of education at the University of London (Dec. 2004). As stated earlier, education reduces inequalities, creates intolerance, build social cohesion and boost the health of whole communities.


As a result of the research I’ve come to this conclusion regarding “does Education lead to better health?” Education has shown to be a powerful and unique predictor of health outcomes, lower levels of education are associated with poor health and higher levels of education are associated with better health.

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