Comparing American Work Ethic vs Hispanic Work Ethic Essay

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Views on formality, timeliness, group involvement, communication style and conflict
resolution separate the U.S. American culture from Spanish influenced cultures in business
settings. Though these cultures may be a world apart, changing demographics are bringing these
cultures into a single world market. Many minority populations throughout the United States are
projected to grow through 2050, including the population of those of Hispanic origin, which is
expected to nearly triple (Martin, Nakayama 12). This growth will result in increased exposure
of U.S. Americans to intercultural business transactions. The continued growth of businesses
expanding into overseas markets also exposes many workers to multi-cultural environments
(Martin, Nakayama 7-10). Despite differences among cultures, being able to work successfully
together has become ever so important.

Doing business cross-culturally can reveal vast differences in work ethics. However,
developing these intercultural relations can foster many benefits, including “(i) learning about
the world; (ii) breaking stereotypes; and (iii) acquiring new skills” (Martin, Nakayama 251).
People working together inter-culturally will encounter a number of challenges, and though
conflicts will likely arise, it is important to remember we can learn and grow from these

A culture’s tendency to be individualistic or collectivistic can be found at the root of
many cultural differences within the workplace. Individualistic cultures tend to “emphasize
individual identities, beliefs, needs, goals, and views rather than those of the group” (Martin,
Nakayama G-4). Collectivistic cultures, such as most Spanish influenced cultures, tend to focus ...

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