Free Brave New World Essays: Huxley and Shakespeare

Free Brave New World Essays: Huxley and Shakespeare

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Huxley and Shakespeare

"Do they read Shakespeare?" asked the Savage as they walked, on their way to the Bio-chemical Laboratories, past the School Library. "Certainly not," said the Head Mistress, blushing.

In Aldous Huxley's “Brave New World", allusions to William Shakespeare and his works emphasize the contrast between the ""Brave New World"" and the world in Shakespeare's time and even the current time period. Enhancing the work's meaning, the allusions and character's reactions to the allusions reveal the positive and negative aspects of our society today.

The main characters in "Brave New World", Lenina Crowne, Henry Foster, and Bernard Marx, live in a futuristic world where babies are mass produced in laboratories and raised to perform various functions in society. In order to assure community, stability, and identity, the basis of their world, these functions must be met and solitary amusements are discouraged. Inferring that reading Shakespeare is entertaining, people in the ""Brave New World"" have "feelies" to amuse themselves instead. To demonstrate the differenc...

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